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SandeCastle Rental Agreement

This agreement constitutes a contract between the guest(s) and SandeCastle owners Al and Terry Sande
CHECK-IN TIME IS 4:00 P.M.  Keys may be available before these times, but there is no guarantee.  Guests wishing to check in early must contact the owners one day in advance to see if early check-in is possible. Check-out time is 10:00 a.m. 
PARKING At THE SANDECASTLE  there is ample parking provided in front of the house for five cars.  No overflow parking is allowed.  Other cars could be parked in the daytime at the nearby state park.  RV’s, motor homes and trailers are not allowed to be parked on the street or in front of the house. 
KEYS FOR THE SANDECASTLE ARE KEPT IN A LOCKBOX.  Renters will be given location and code for the lockbox after final check is received.  You will receive two sets of keys.  One will be found in the lockbox and the other will be found on the hall tree inside the front entry.  You will be responsible for lost keys.  The house  must be rekeyed in the event that keys are lost, misplaced, or not returned.  The guests will be responsible for the cost of this procedure.
LAUNDRY & CLEANING:  Accomodations will be cleaned prior to check-in.  A starter supply of toilet paper, bath soap, dish soap will be provided.Please use the washers and dryers at the house.  We do ask that you follow the load and detergent directions for the washing machine.  Do not wash or dry sandy towels and clothing without first removing the sand.  The light/fan in the laundry room must be on at all times and if possible the door left open. Please do not wash quilts if they become soiled without speaking to the owner first. 

RECYCLING: In an effort to reduce the amount of garbage that accumulates at the house, we strongly encourage our guests to use the recycling bins found under the stairway between the kitchen and the dining room.  There are three bins: One for glass only.  The glass needs to be separated by color in paper bags.  We have a supply of paper bags in the storage closet.  The other two bins are for all other recyclables: Paper, light corrugated cardboard, aluminum, tin cans, magazines, catalogues and plastics 1-7.  These can all be thrown in together without sorting anything out.  The bins must be set out by the curb on Sunday evening.  Pickup is early Monday morning.  Thank you for your cooperation. Garbage pickup is also Monday morning, but the large cans do not need to be put out by the curb. 

PAYMENT POLICY:  The first night’s rent will serve as a deposit to hold your reservation and must be received within seven days of booking.  The balance is due two (2) weeks prior to arrival.  All bookings made within two weeks of occupancy must be paid in full by cashier’s check or money order.  A $25 service charge will be incurred for any returned checks. Checks should be made payable to "Terry Sande" and mailed to: 16022 S.E. River Road, Milwaukie, OR 97267. 

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancellation of reservations less than 60 days prior to arrival date can result in the loss of deposit.  We will make every attempt to re-rent the accomodation and, when successful, your deposit.  All cancellations are subject to a $20 cancellation fee. 

WEATHER REFUNDS:  NO refunds will be given for cancellation or interruption because of bad weather.   #Weather
DAMAGES: Guests agree to indemnify Owners for any damages to the dwelling grounds, furnishings, and household items, which is a result of your occupancy, excluding normal wear and tear.  In the event that damages result from a guest’s occupancy, Owners are authorized to utilize the “Security Deposit” for reimbursement for said damages.  Owner will not be liable for any damages to property or liable for any accident that to shipping charges for handling the return of any articles found by housekeepers.  Lost and Found will be held for thirty (30) days. 
TELEPHONE POLICIES: The phone is limited to local calls only.  All other calls must use a calling card, 800 number or phone card. Ccollect calls cannot  be accepted. Top of Page 
PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED.  This policy is strictly enforced.  The Owners reserve the right to cancel your rental reservation and occupancy of rental, plus charge $200 to treat the property for fleas. 

LIABILITY: Guests agree to indemnify and save Owners free and harmless from any claim or liability for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from, related to, or in connection with the rental of the above premises, including but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or loss of property which is made, incurred or sustained by guests or any guest invitees. 

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY:  Accommodations are limited to the number in the description (16 Maximum).  Guests are subject to charges if policy is not followed. With prior arrangements, additional guests may be allowed at $25 per person per night. 
NO HOUSE PARTIES:  Rental Guests understand that we will accept families, married couples, and responsible adults over the age of twenty-one (21) ONLY.  You certify that you have read carefully the limitations placed on the number of persons permitted to occupy the premises and agree to abide by such limitations.  If not, you will be asked to leave with no refund.  Any complaints will be dealt with on an individual basis with Security Deposit required if situation warrants. 
If Guests violates any of the conditions of this Agreement, Owners may terminate this Agreement and enter Premises.  Upon notice of termination of this Agreement, Guests shall vacate the Premises immediately. Top of Page 
UPON DEPARTURE:  Cleaning is provided prior to arrival and at the end of your stay.  When you leave all dishes should be loaded into the dishwasher and started. While stripping the beds is not required, if you choose to do so, please put one set of sheets per bed into a pillow case...Example: One set of twin sheets in one pillow case, and one set of queen sheets and one pillow case in the remaining (or second) pillowcase, and leave the sheets on the bed that you have stripped.  This will make cleaning more expedient for the Housekeepers.   All garbage should be gathered from each room and put in garbage cans outside.  All wet towels should be left in laundry baskets or in a tub. All thermostats and fireplaces should be set on "OFF;" Counter-top kitchen appliances should be unplugged.  Leave recyclables under staircase between dining room and kitchen.  All food from freezer needs to be taken with you or put in trash.  It should not be left in the refrigerator.  All water should be turned off at the faucets.  All doors and windows should be locked.  Please refer to the check-out list left for you.  Unless you have been given specific permission for a late check-out, all guests must be out at 10:00 a.m. to allow for proper cleaning for the next renters.  Failure to do any of the above may result in the partial loss of your damage deposit. 

SANDECASTLE NOTES:  Please use common sense when deciding on sleeping arrangements.  Adults and older children who do not have a history of sleep walking or restless sleep patterns, which may endanger them, should use the upper bunks and loft beds.  The TV’s in the bunkroom should be disconnected and placed on top shelf of closet if not age-appropriate for child.  Please use caution on the step-out balconies.  Children should not be left unattended on them or in the sandbox and patio area outside.  No one should step over the guardrails on the patio, sandbox or deck. 

Heating:  Each room has it’s own heating source.  The main rooms on the ground floor have fireplaces.  These are gas fireplace furnaces and each is capable of heating a large space.  Please turn these on when you arrive to chase the chill away.  The switches on the wall near the fireplaces will do the trick.  The other rooms have wall heaters set at 60 degrees.  Please adjust to make yourself comfortable.
(503) 706-2113 or (503) 654-8813

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